Membership Services

Currently the QMA has 248 members including Life members, ordinary individual members and organizational members.
The association shall consist of following classes of members.

  Organisation Members
  Organisation members shall consists of any firm or company actually engaged in trade and industry or education institution
Organisation members can be two classes (A) corporate members and (B) Associate corporate members.
  Professional Members
  A person who is professional member of All India Management Association (Whether Honorary Fellow, Fellow, Member or Associate Member) and whose field of activity is in Kollam, Alleppey or Pathanamthitta districts will automatically become a professional member of the association provided he has no arrears of subscriptions.
  Ordinary Individual Member
  Ordinary individual members shall consist of any individual who has a University Degree and possess managerial experience of at least five years in corporate sector or educational institution or in his own business of considerable magnitude.
Under graduate at least 15 years Managerial Experience in corporate sector or in his own business of considerable magnitude
MBA or equivalent working in executive cadre or in his own business
Professional degree with 3 years executive experience
  Student Member
  Student member shall consist of any person who has attained the age of 18 years and is a student of Management in recognized institution.
  Honorary Member
  Distinguished persons who have rendered outstanding service in the field of management may invited by the committee to the honorary members of the Association .
  Life Members
  Organization members and ordinary individual members are eligible for enrolment as life members  of the association. A member may become life member if he pays 10 times the annual subscription in lumpsom.
Entrance fee and subscription
    Entrance Fee Subscription  
  For Corporate Members 4000 4000  
  For Associate corporate Members 2500 2500  
  For Ordinary Individual Member 500 750  
  For Student Members 250 250